Digital Varilux Lenses

Have you heard about the newest, most advanced lens technology called digital lenses? How would you like to experience a “wow” effect, similar to seeing an HD TV for the very first time? High Definition, digitally produced lenses, combined with a Crizal AR finish, can do just that.


Although not cheap, HD lenses are produced using state-of-the-art, patented equipment and software that fully produce the PAL design and Rx on the back side of the lenses, with tolerances of 1/100th of a diopter (as opposed to traditional lenses with 1/8th of a diopter). Prescriptions and designs are produced by 3000-5000 pinpoint curves (like mega-pixels on an HD TV) on the backside of each lens. This process puts the PAL design closer to your eye, and when combining a Crizal AR finish, you will experience that “wow” effect. Your vision will be more comfortable, crisper, and clearer, allowing faster reaction times in unsafe situations, with HD lenses.   




High Definition Lens Prices


CR-39, Clear Single Vision Lenses with Crizal Alize UV                                $270.00 pr.
CR-39, Clear Varilux Comfort Progressive Lenses with Crizal Alize UV           $385.00 pr.
CR-39, Clear Varilux Physio Progressive Lenses with Crizal Alize UV            $500.00 pr.
Shamir and other brands are available, Call for prices




Optional Upgrades for HD Lenses


Transitions Lenses (change from light to dark)
Thin & Lite Weight, High Index Lenses
Polarized Prescription Lenses


**Drill mount, 3-piece mountings require Polycarbonate, Trivex, or Index 1.67 substrates for shatter resistance purposes. In addition, drilling, edge polishing, and assembly fees apply. 




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